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Get paid a real estate referral fee for referring us to sellers or properties!

Real Estate Referral Fee Program

What is a Referral Fee?

A referral fee for real estate is a commission that is offered to the facilitator. A facilitator is someone who has linked the buyer and seller to strike a deal or referred a property to us. BirdNest Property Solutions offers an incentive program for simply telling friends, neighbors, coworkers etc. about an alternative solution to selling their home other than traditional methods.  By telling others about this option, which many do not know, can provide solutions to more and more people. It’s a win for everyone.


Types Of Real Estate Referral Fees:

There are two types of referral fees:

  1. The first type of referral fee is when you connect people you know that may be interested in selling their home directly to BirdNest Property Solutions.
  2. The second type of referral fee is when you locate a property in the community that appears vacant and/or in need of updating and you provide that property address to BirdNest Property Solutions.


Types of Referral Homes:

Here are a few examples of types of referrals home-owners would likely be interested in selling to BirdNest Property Solutions:

  • FSBO (For Sale by Owner) properties.
  • Vacant Homes.
  • Distressed Homes.
  • Rental Homes.
  • Fire damaged Homes.
  • Any property that needs to be sold right away.
  • Homes where payments are a challenge.
  • Homeowners interested in selling their property As-Is and repairs are needed.


How Do Real Estate Referrals Work?

The question of how real estate referrals work would have struck your mind, right? Real estate referrals are paid upon closing the deal. The facilitator is paid directly once we have closed on the deal. For details, feel free to text or give us a call. This is tracked by the information you provide upon submission and the facilitator is then linked as the referral source to the property. Simply fill out the referral lead section to start getting paid!


What is the typical referral fee?

The typical referral fee is between $500 to $1000.


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