Renting vs Buying: A Hot Debate In 2022

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Renting vs Buying: A Hot Debate In 2022

renting vs buying a home

Real estate trends have shifted greatly in the past few years. Prices of houses have inflated considerably and therefore you are now thinking whether to invest in buying a house or is it better to just rent it.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both buying and renting property.  cleaning etc., so you just need to pay monthly rent and be done! However, this has

Let’s compare them.

Why Buy A Home?

Imagine this: you wake up every day and love the place where you live. That is what it means to be a ‘home owner’. It is an accomplishment that provides immense pride. Every aspect of your home is in your control. You can decorate it the way you want, use the space as per your needs and even modify or alter things to suit your taste. You are responsible for paying all taxes involved in the upkeep of the house. From water bills to electricity bills, garbage collection fees, etc., everything falls on you!

Owning a home builds generational wealth that can pay for your retirement and leaves a legacy for future generations. It has been proved time and again that it is advisable to buy as opposed to renting as one will be spending less money as well as gaining equity which can be used later on in life. All these factors combined show why buying a house is a good idea!

Advantages of buying property:

There is a sense of achievement and satisfaction in owning your own house. You get to call the shots and do whatever you want with it, starting from decorating it to renovating it.

Being an owner also means that you have control over the property and can do whatever you deem fit under your discretion.

Your finances and future are greatly improved through the prospect of owning your home or property. Here are some of the advantages of buying property.

  1. No one can kick you out of your house or enter your property without your permission, so you’re secure in your own house.
  2. The investment you make is long-term. You don’t have to pay monthly rent. Moreover, if the real estate prices increase, you are bound to have a profit. 
  3. Having your own piece of land means that you can now rent it out to others too and make money out of your property.
  4. Another benefit is that you can furnish and design your home as you like. There are no restrictions from third parties. 
  5. The mortgage rate is fixed when you buy a house it doesn’t change over time, unlike the rental system.

Disadvantages of buying property:

The price of the house you buy can increase or decrease; it depends on market conditions. You must make payments every month until you own the property 100%. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

The debate on whether one should buy or rent a house has been going on for years. The truth is that there are ups and downs in both options. Renting a home – renting may be the best option for you if you don’t plan to stay long in a certain area, or if your financial situation

  1. It is a lot of work to re-sell your house in case you want to move elsewhere.
  2. There are chances that the property value falls, and you may not be able to sell the house at the price that you bought it for.
  3. Repairing and maintenance costs can be too much to bear.
  4. You have to have a huge sum of money to buy a house.
  5. Mortgage rates are rapidly increasing which binds you to pay a big sum of money as long as you own the property.

Why Rent A Home?

Renting a house is more affordable. You don’t have to pay for repairs or maintenance of the property.

Renting may be the best option if your financial situation isn’t stable, especially if you are not living in that area on a permanent basis. Interest rates are on the rise which will increase costs of future housing loans, so there

Pros of renting property:

Renting a property has its advantages as well. The flexibility of a home rental will help you to downsize or upsize when you want to.

It is always advantageous to live in a place that is considered the best area in the city. You can enjoy living in an upscale neighborhood without spending too much on it.

  1. Renting a house allows you to move without having to worry about reselling or raising money for a new one.
  2. You do not have to hand in a huge sum of money to the other person, just pay the monthly rent.
  3. The maintenance and repairing is the house owner’s headache, not yours.
  4. When you live as a tenant in a house, there are no taxes applicable; all you need to pay for is rent and utilities.

Cons of renting property:

Renting property also has its disadvantages. When you rent, your basic right to stay is not permanent. It is only temporary and you cannot expand the rights of staying in that place.

When you own a house, you can renovate it however you want without asking for any approvals. You are your own master which gives you more freedom than just being an ordinary tenant with limits on what you can or can’t do with your space.

Let’s take a look at some of these disadvantages below.

  1. Some landlords do not allow you to make any changes to their house.
  2. With time, the monthly rents usually increase.
  3. The landlord can ask you to leave anytime.
  4. There are no tax benefits to tenants as there are to the ones that own houses.
  5. You may have to abide by a no-pet policy.
  6. Renting is like a temporary settlement.

Renting Vs Buying: A Final Word On The Debate

There is no definite answer to what is better, renting or buying. This has been a hot debate in the real estate sector since forever. As mentioned above, each of the housing methods has a fair share of pros and cons. If you want to move around places, renting is a great option, however, if you’re looking to permanently settle in or make money off your property, you should buy the house.

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